World Mission

WMD Launched Its First PH-Building Project In NCRD

WMD Secretary, E. Gamayon, NCRD Sec. 4 Presbyter, S. Asuncion, and PH Recipient, D. Enverga

Ground Breaking Ceremony 1

The Superintendent, the NCRD Board, and the National World Mission Department Officers

Ground Breaking Ceremony

Ground Breaking Ceremony

The First PH Building Project, San Mateo, Rizal

The First WMD PH Building Project, San Mateo, Rizal

A. What is Project Haggai?

Project Haggai (PH-BUILDING PROJECT) is one of the fund raising projects of the National World Mission Department designed to build churches in the Philippines.

B. Guidelines In Availing The PH- BUILDING PROJECT:


1. He/she must be a licensed minister of good standing with the United Pentecostal Church, Phils. Inc., who actively participates in all Ministerial Meetings, District Activities, Conferences and Seminars.

2. He/She currently holds either an established or pioneering work.

3. Faithful in all Financial Giving to the Headquarters Office,

4. He/She must have a good relationship with other ministers and leaders.

5. He/She must be a good example to his/her family. His family should be supportive of the ministry and the church as well.


1. Applicants must fill up a PH-10 Request Form from the World Missions Department National Office.

2. Accomplished PH-10 Form must be signed by the Sectional Presbyter and must be submitted to the World Missions District Committee for endorsement to the District Board.

3. The District Board must evaluate each application and process the same for final approval.

4. All lots purchased through the PH-10 must be transferred and titled in the name of the United Pentecostal Church (Phils.) lnc. Only property titled lots, and lots without encumbrances will be purchased through the PH-10.

5. The World Missions Department will provide the architectural design of the building, its blueprint and help ensure the supply of materials.

6. The project will be supervised by the District Board with the assistance of the district World Missions Director.

7. The PH-10 Fund for the said project will be turned over to the District Board for proper accounting.

8. The approved applicant is accountable to the Accounting Committee, (headed by his Sectional Presbyter) for the purchase of construction materials, labor costs and other expenses incurred in the project. The project will be carried out under the supervision of the Sectional Presbyter with the help of the Sectional World Mission Department.

9. The criteria for approval of applicants for PH-10 will be based mainly upon the highest giving region, district and section.