One True God

The One True God

We believe in the one everliving, eternal God; infinite in power, Holy in nature, attributes and purpose; and possessing absolute, indivisible deity. This one true God has revealed Himself as Father, through His Son, in redemption; and as the Holy Spirit by emanation ( I Cor.8:6, Eph.4:6, II Cor. 5:19, Joel 2:28 ).

The scripture does more than attempt to prove the existence of God; it asserts, assumes and declares that the knowledge of God is universal (Romans 1:19, 21, 28, 32; 2:15). God is invisible, incorporeal, without parts, without body, and therefore free from all limitations. He is Spirit (John 4:24) and “…a spirit hath not flesh and bones…” (Luke 24:39).

“…The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God is one Lord” (Mark 12:29; Deut.6:4).”One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all” (Ephesians 4:6).

This one true God manifested Himself in the Old Testament in diverse ways; in the Son while He walked among men; as the Holy Spirit after the ascension.